Enhance Your Touch Screen with the Perfect Desktop Touch Screen Stand

Enhance your touch screen experience with a Desktop Touch Screen Stand that’s made for touch applications.

A robust hinge mechanism provides an incredible 115° of tilt adjustment while simultaneously controlling monitor height. This flexibility allows the screen to bemoved parallel with the desktop—perfect for touchscreen applications.

This stand’s strength and heavy-duty design also make it well suited for use with all-in-one PCs and hefty displays.

15.6 Inch Multi-Touch...

Flex Touch Screen Stand

  • PN# FLEX27
  • Commercial built for 24/7 Applications

  • Includes Base, Hinged Arm and Pivot, Adjustment Tool

  • Screen stays stable when in use

  • Up to 6.5″ (16,5 cm) of height adjustment for customized, ergonomic viewing of the screen

  • A visual indicator on back of stand lets you know when the proper counter-balance tension

  • 15″ – 27″ monitors weighing less than 23.7 lbs