Public Safety, 911 & Utilities

Experience unrivaled touchscreen performance and 24/7 reliability with Touchscreen Guru. Our cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates with your Radio Dispatch and E911 system, ensuring seamless critical communications when lives are at stake.

Public safety and 911 dispatch services are operated by resilient and empathetic professionals who handle immense pressure on a daily basis. Equipping them with the right tools is crucial for carrying out their duties effectively, as it can literally be the determining factor between life and death in a 911 call or during a public safety emergency.

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Public Safety Touch Screen Monitor

Empower Your Public Safety Team with the Essential Tools They Need

Experience the Revolutionary Shift in Public Safety, Fire, Police, and Emergency Response Call Centers with Touchscreen Monitors

Join the fastest-growing trend in the industry as touch screen monitors replace traditional computers, earning rave reviews from call center employees. When every second counts, the advantages of critical communications touch screen monitors become evident, enabling faster response times, intuitive interfaces with abundant options, and unparalleled ease of use.


Quick response can save a life. Using a touchscreen monitor saves time—no need to type something out on a keyboard and no more trying to maneuver a mouse. Just touch and drag right on the monitor so you can pinpoint locations and dispatch a response with speed and efficiency.

Highly Responsive

With easy-touch features like zooming in and out, drop-down menus, and immediate response to even the lightest touch, there’s no delay and no waiting for the monitor to respond or catch up to your typing. Just touch, and it’s done.

Less Stress

Dispatchers and other safety employees are more satisfied with touchscreen monitors than traditional monitors with mouse and keyboard combinations. They are easier to use, give them more confidence, and minimize the number of devices used, so there’s less need for repairs and replacements.

Quality Product Guarantee

At Touch Screen Guru, we stand behind the quality of our products. We are committed to providing our customers with the latest intelligent devices backed by 24/7 Reliability, Performance, Quality and Service. We consistently research, engineer and deliver the best technology solutions to help our customers achieve their goals.

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Top products for public safety, 911, and critical communications

Below are Touchscreen Guru’s recommendations for High-Performance Industrial Full High-Definition Touch Screen Monitors built for demanding 24/7 radio dispatch and 911 call center applications.

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